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Martin Belev


Hello, my name is Martin. I am a software developer, currently leading a team at The Stars Group, living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am specialized in React, TypeScript/JavaScript, testing-library, Cypress, Storybook. I love building products that are making people's lives more pleasurable and easier. I find satisfaction and beauty in learning, and creating things from scratch and seeing them grow. I enjoy teaching and sharing the things I learn with others. This is how this website was born and the idea behind it.

My coding journey started before 7+ years. I joined Telerik Academy which was an extremely intense one year program back then. Starting from the ground up, learning what text editor is, going through programming basics, data structures and algorithms, OOP and it's principles, design patterns, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, Git, and much much more things. I decided to quit university and invest all my time during this one year in learning to program. This was a crazy year with coding more than 10 hours almost every day but the invested time paid off big time. Joining Telerik Academy changed my life and I found it to be one of the best choices I have made in my life.

All my life before that, I was practicing math and going to a lot of competitions. This was taking most of my time. Apart from that, like every child I guess, I love playing computer games - World of Warcraft was my favorite. Nowadays, when I think about it, I could have been using my time better but it was good that around 8th-9th grade I stopped playing.

Life is not only working or learning, and like everyone else, I have my hobbies. I love cooking and experimenting with different spices and products. Lately, I am into cooking low-calorie desserts high in protein. I am skiing in the winter, like watching TV series (some of my favorites - Homeland, The Mentalist, Power), going to the gym, hanging out with friends and last but not least smoke shisha.

You can find me online @BelevMartin.

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